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Be a Priority: Schedule a Mammogram

The American Cancer Society estimates that about 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in 2017. There are also an estimated 3.1 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

Early detection can have a big impact on a person’s diagnosis. One of the methods for early detection is mammograms, which can detect lumps smaller than those felt during a self-exam.

“Early detection is critical,” says Fort Hamilton Hospital radiologist Linda Reilman, MD. “If you wait to have a mammogram until you have symptoms of breast cancer, such as a lump, the cancer may be more advanced and the treatment not as successful.”

Kettering Breast Evaluation Centers recommend that women over the age of 40 get mammograms on an annual basis.

In 2016, our caregivers helped provide more than 50,000 mammograms.

Nearly 10,000 out of the more than 12,500 employees in our network are women. They dedicate their days to caring for the people in our community. In taking care of others, it can be easy to forget about taking care of oneself. No matter how busy you are, it is important to take time for an annual mammogram.

Make your health a priority. Schedule your mammogram today by calling Kettering Breast Evaluation Centers at 1-800-373-2160 or visiting

October 5, 2017