Capturing Used N95 Masks for Reprocessing

Groundbreaking, FDA-approved technology allows for the decontamination and reuse of N95 masks. Effective now, used N95 masks will be collected at end of shift.  

Note: When using the N95 mask, wearing makeup, including foundation is not allowed. Only masks free of visual soiling will be acceptable for reprocessing.

Disposal of PPE 

  • Go to nearest designated Dirty Utility Room 
  • Place N95 Mask in bin marked “Used N95 Masks Only” 
  • For soiled and damaged: If the mask is dirty with visual soilage (bodily fluid, blood, or makeup, including foundation), or damaged (ripped, torn), dispose in biohazard trash within Dirty Utility Room
    • Do not put in bin for reprocessing
  • Place brown bag in Dirty Utility trash can 
  • For soiled: Dispose in biohazard trash
  • Do not put brown bags in bin for reprocessing
April 5, 2020

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