Care Story: A Family Picnic
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Care Story: A Family Picnic

Employees have the opportunity to share their experiences of being called to care or seeing fellow employees demonstrate the healing presence practices. Chris Reese from the Cardiopulmonary Department at Sycamore Medical Center shares the story below:

During the employee picnic at Sycamore Medical Center, Mandy Boesenberg and Rick Jobst of the Cardiopulmonary Department ate their lunch with the husband of one of our mechanically ventilated patients. This man’s wife has been in the ICU for over two weeks and has made connections with many of the staff he has come in contact with. During this meal, all three were joined by Wally Sackett, who was introduced to this man. This husband is very grateful for the relationships he has made during his spouse’s hospitalization. He was especially thankful for the meal he had shared, stating he had not had a decent meal since his wife’s admission. He had always relied on her to do the cooking. Mandy and Rick have demonstrated the values of Sycamore’s staff through their interactions with patients, guests and among themselves on a daily basis. This call to care is one of the reasons I am proud to be employed at Sycamore Medical Center.

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December 6, 2016