Celebrate Our June Constellation Honorees
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Celebrate Our June Constellation Honorees

The Constellation Award recognizes strong teams that come together to serve patients and each other. They demonstrate a calling to care, live the organization’s values, and show exceptional performance as defined by Kettering Health’s Standards of Behavior.

You can read their nomination stories below. Congratulations to our recipients!

Molly Broman, Julie Gedart, Joshua Soppe, and Gregory Stanton – IS, Kettering Network Services

“As part of a particularly challenging project which entails a lot of workflow changes for clinicians, this team has been working on optimizing order sets, physician workflow, and working to enhance opportunities for successful physician and provider training. When a couple of providers suggested that the group meet on site to test and educate around new and changed order sets, this team leapt into action. Greg worked with multiple team members to get the providers Epic POC access so they could see what we were doing before it was released to the live environment. Molly created test patients and made exceptionally detailed notes about feedback. Josh noted changes he could make to improve results and did what he could in real time, as well as between sessions so that the additional feedback could be gathered on the initially suggested changes. And Julie noted and is working on enhancements to the education that will point out details that we didn’t necessarily think were high priority but turned out to be highly valuable for the providers to know. Together, the team rounded with each provider, coached them through the orders and workflows, discussed feedback and changes, and engaged in meaningful interaction and conversation with the end users. Prioritizing this interactive, face-to-face activity not only helped the team to glean how to improve workflows but demonstrated commitment to our providers and to optimizing how care is delivered in our hospitals. Not only will their dedication and expertise undoubtedly lead to more provider and end user satisfaction and overall project success, but they’ve also left our clinicians with a great sense of the IS framework to prioritize people, build trust, and deliver only value. There is a big difference between installing some software and implementing change. This team chose to exemplify behavior that demonstrates we understand the latter, and how impactful these changes are to those that are on the front lines delivering care.”

June 16, 2022