Celebrating Our October Constellation Honorees
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Celebrating Our October Constellation Honorees

The constellation award recognizes strong teams that come together to serve patients and each other. They demonstrate a calling to care, live the organization’s values, and show exceptional performance as defined by the Kettering Health’s Standards of Behavior.

You can read their nomination story and view their pictures below. Congratulations to our recipients!

Susan Bledsoe and Debra McConnell – Kettering Medical Center

“Susan and Debbie took time out of their day to help patients get to and from the building to their vehicles during a recent pop-up rainstorm. They each used a large umbrella to help patients with wheelchairs or walkers to avoid getting soaked getting from one place to another. Unfortunately, they each got soaked in the process. Their actions helped to serve those in our community who needed it by showing they care with a simple gesture. Those who received their help were so grateful, as are we at the Neurorehab and Balance Center who work with them on a daily basis. Thank you for your service Susan and Debbie!”

Kendra Duibley, Julie Mougey, Martha Ann Ruff, and Sheryl West – Kettering Network Services

“This team of oncology service line referral coordinators goes above and beyond each day to get newly-diagnosed cancer patients appointments in a timely manner. With the pandemic delaying screenings in 2020, we have seen an enormous increase in referrals. These four team members come in every day with a smile on their face and a positive attitude toward, most often, a very challenging day ahead. They are tasked in many directions and are often working with colleagues to stretch their schedules and capacity while also working with patients who desperately want an appointment as quickly as possible. They exemplify our mission to improve the quality of life for those in our communities. Their actions and reactions make a significant difference to those around them.  They all work extremely well together and pick up to help each other out at any time.  Their actions of positivity are unmeasured—coming in daily knowing that the work queue of referrals is three to four times what it was a year and a half ago.  Daily, they work together for the best of the patients and work with their teams to find appointment slots to get patients in sooner than the scheduled template allows, always while keeping the needs of those they are serving at the forefront. More than once I have had conversations with them about the heaviness of their job. Talking to someone with a new cancer diagnosis and being in the moment with them is challenging. This group understands and empathizes with them in their desperation to get an appointment and begin their treatment journey.”

Heather Joseph, Priscila Gonzalez Osorio, Nathan Burkholder, Matthew Elam, Monica Bueno, Lydia Jackson, Sara Dulaney, Kyle Nichols, Danielle Vanderpool – Soin Medical Center

“Our father was a patient at Soin the past couple of weeks. Sadly, he passed away from COVID on August 22, 2021. Although very ill, he was alert and oriented the entire hospitalization until his death. He expressed gratitude for your staff. As his children, we are also grateful and amazed at the care, compassion, and expertise of your healthcare facility and your providers. Dad specifically wanted to go to Soin Medical Center when he got sick. We know that you have been in the pandemic for a long time and must be weary. We needed you when our dad became sick. Your staff and providers gave more than 100%. Your team made a tremendous difference for our dad and our family. Each interaction we observed and participated in was compassionate. Nathan, RN, was so kind when we would ask questions and never made us feel like we were a bother. He let us know he cared for our dad and he said how amazing our dad was. He was with us for my dad’s last hours on this earth. Our respiratory therapists, Scott, Kyle, and Danielle were great to explain the process of his respiratory treatments and allow us to ask questions. They worked with us to be able to allow our dad to talk with us by trying different oxygen modalities. They were also good at explaining things to my dad and reassuring him. Monica and Lydia, RNs, remained positive and gave us hope. We felt that we could trust them and when we had to leave dad, we knew he was in good hands. Monica, Sara, Nathan, Pri, and Lydia would call with updates and worked together as a team with our family. One of dad’s daughters, who is a nurse, would call daily to talk with dad’s nurses. Everyone she spoke to was so kind and very informative to what was going on with dad. They answered every question patiently. The nurses Monica, Nathan, Pri, Lydia, Sarah, and Heather Joseph and nursing assistants were phenomenal with the care for our dad. They treated him with the dignity he deserve. Thank you all for courageously serving. Your dedication and service of your frontline staff to do whatever it took to demonstrate love and care at this most difficult time means the world to us.”

October 15, 2021