Celebrating Patient Experience
Greene, Soin

Celebrating Patient Experience

Remember our 2018 Wildly Important Goal (WIG) is to achieve four out of eight Patient Experience domains at 75th percentile or higher.

Our Environmental Services teams have been knocking it out of the park! Not only have they done great on our campuses, but they are also leading the Network. Look at those scores for July and year-to-date. We took a moment to celebrate at last week’s leadership meeting, and to our entire Environmental Services team at both Soin and Greene—way to go!

Our July scores were trending upward and we celebrated some of our great scores with departments. Soin’s 4th floor Med/Surg has seen some incredible results the last few weeks, so some of our leaders stopped by to drop off some ice cream treats!

Soin and Greene, thank you again for all your efforts on our WIG. Let’s keep at it—our patients are the ultimate winners.

August 28, 2018