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Celebrating WIG boards

Do you know where your WIG board is in your department or on your floor? Your WIG board charts your department or floor’s progress in our Wildly Important Goal of quality patient experience. Remember our goal is to achieve four of eight Press Ganey/Patient Experience domains at 75th percentile or higher.

Almost every week on Friday, the leadership team walks through either Greene Memorial Hospital or Soin Medical Center and checks out the WIG boards. When possible, we ask an available team member to tell us the story of their board. The creativity is amazing and, even more so, the progress charted encouraging. Take a look at Greene Imaging’s WIG board and the board from Med/Surg 4 at Soin.

Overall in June we experienced some challenging patient scores, but we have shown steady progress in 2018, and we anticipate the trends will continue in the second half of the year. Two spotlights: Greene Emergency Department was 8/8 and Soin Emergency Department was 7/8 domains in June, and those were amid some busy days! Way to go, Emergency Departments!

Please continue to be diligent with what we know works: rounding, bedside reports, and other good communication. If we consistently follow that prescription, our scores will show a lot of green. Make sure you also hold those daily and weekly huddles, too, so that you can monitor daily and weekly progress, and celebrate your wins. See you at your WIG board!




July 31, 2018