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Check Out Our December Employees of the Month

The Employee of the Month Award recognizes the people you love to work with. These winners show exceptional performance as defined by the network’s Standards of Behavior, live out the network’s values, and demonstrate the healing presence practices outlined in Called to Care.

You can read the nomination stories and see the photos of the December Employees of the Month below. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Allison Kotchka – PFS Call Center, ASB

“I am always grateful for Allison’s ability to be flexible and adaptive to any challenge. Allison has made herself available to help the department in a pinch on more than one occasion and continues to prove herself to be an invaluable asset to Kettering Health Network and to our department. This behavior from Allison is not new or reactive to a specific situation. That is what makes her such an asset. She always puts her best foot forward and always does what it takes to support her team, the patients, or the providers. Allison is so collaborative and kind!”

Misty Haberny – Respiratory Care, Fort Hamilton Hospital

“We did a random prize drawing for Respiratory Care Week and Misty won. Misty was contemplating which prize she wanted and was having a hard time deciding. She was considering the prizes but wanted to get the stethoscope because she knew one of the other respiratory therapists had lost hers. Knowing that her coworker had been through a lot in the past year, Misty wanted to get the stethoscope to give to her co-worker. Misty knew her co-worker had been through so much and she was upset that her co-worker’s stethoscope was taken. Misty ended up getting the stethoscope for her and put it in her locker for her to find when she worked the next day.  I thought it was so sweet that she gave up her prize because she knew her co-worker needed a new stethoscope.”

Terrie Lawrence – Respiratory Care, Grandview Medical Center

“During a very busy weekend, Terrie kept our department afloat. She answered call lights, answered phone calls, completed consuls, helped bathe patients, gave respiratory treatments, roomed patients, walked patients to the restroom, cleaned rooms, did EKGs, and other numerous tasks. Terrie completed most of these tasks without being asked. This isn’t something that is new to us. The staff love having Terrie on our unit and at the end of our weekend I hear, ‘We wouldn’t have made it without Terrie this weekend.’ There are many characteristics about Terrie that stand out. Trustworthy is one characteristic that is evident when working with her. If she says she is going complete a task, she will do it and it will be done correctly. Terrie is competent in her care and when the staff is discussing options for treatment, Terrie has suggestions to offer. Team player is another characteristic that comes to mind regarding Terrie. She is the first to offer help in any situation without hesitancy. Lastly, Terrie is one of the most caring health care providers I have had the pleasure of working with. She gives every patient her all. Whether she is getting someone a blanket or assisting in an intubation, I assure you Terrie’s patients are receiving the best care.

Pamela Marion – Acute Adult Unit, Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center

“Pam has been a longstanding employee in the behavioral health field at KBMC and shines in every way in relation to patient care and her desire to provide heartfelt care to our patient population. Pam continues to persevere in sharing Kettering’s mission of faith-based care on a daily basis. I recently had a school project and asked for Pam’s assistance for an assignment on a vulnerable population, which mental health reflects. Pam shared her answers to the questions I used in writing my term paper. Shared in her responses was an in-depth view of how she provides nursing care from the heart. Her answers gave me greater insight into the nurse that I already had great respect and admiration for. I would like to take this time to honor her for her daily sacrifice in truly caring for KBMC’s patient population and giving them the respect they deserve during their most challenged days. Pam’s dedication shows our patients that no matter how bad they feel, that they possess great worth. As a clinical instructor, she also guides others in seeing the value and deserved care that she sees in our behavioral health population. In every way she is a rock star of a nurse!”

Joan Smith – Inpatient Therapy, Kettering Medical Center

“Joan is dedicated to the people around her. As a supervisor she jumps in where needed without being asked, putting her nursing skills to work. She has a positive attitude which lights up the patient’s mood when she is in contact with them. She offers them much care and support, will assist with ADL’s, and other needs that they may have. When she walks on a unit, everyone seems to know her, which I feel is due to her love for people and her willingness to help. I’ve had staff stop me to ask if Joan is here today. If I have a question, I know she’ll have the answer. Joan is a person that staff trust to lead them in the right direction. She is that dependable!  Because of her love and enthusiasm of nursing she inspires others to care for their patients in like manner. She offers encouragement and support to co-workers as well as to the staff she supervises. She is a positive role model to all who knows her. I look forward to the days when I know she’s scheduled to work, she makes the days better with her bright smile (even behind a mask).”

Gloria Jackson – PC Oxford, Kettering Physician Network

“Gloria is a constant source of motivation and positivity for our staff and our patients. During such a challenging year, she has gone above and beyond to ensure that the staff members are being taken care of so we can deliver the best patient care. She has taken on the role of office mother and we could not be luckier. We find comfort just being in her space on difficult days and her light shines through to our patients. While juggling several roles within the front office, she primarily works the checkout desk and is the perfect ‘bow’ on the present for our patients as they wrap up their visit. She brings that comfort of familiarity to our patients, the festiveness of the season to our space, and smiles to our faces. It is common to see her vehicle being unloaded with crock pots of homemade soup for our staff, delicious cake pops for an employee birthday or baby shower, and recently pink popcorn and water with pink lemonade saying, ‘Together we can drown out breast cancer’. It has been a tense and challenging year for health care workers and her encouragement through her kind words, interactions with patients, and thoughtfulness for our staff has made all the difference. When you enter the office to find a token of appreciation from Gloria or tasty treats, those gestures can make all the difference in your day. She finds the right opportunity to give to us, so that we can continue putting our best foot forward for our patients. As the saying goes, ‘The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness’. Gloria is the epitome of the ripple effect of kindness.”

Lesa Perkins – Clinical Decision Sup., Prestige

“Kettering Medical Center underwent a HFAP survey a few weeks ago, and there was a request for mortality data through our Peer Review Process. Lesa was on PTO that week, and jumped in without any hesitation, and provided the data that was requested. Her dedication and teamwork are assets to Kettering Health Network, and this scenario is just one of many that highlights Lesa’s overall character. Lesa’s can-do attitude is a great motivator for others. She is very knowledgeable in her area and takes pride in being accurate and timely. She is up for any challenge and communicates any issues as they arise. Lesa is a great mentor and is highly respected within the network.”

Kendra Hopson – Environmental Services, Sycamore Medical Center

“Kendra is the personification of a team player. She pitches in around the ED whenever she is needed. She is a hard worker who takes the initiative on her own and helps without being asked. Every time she is in the department we are excited, because we know that she goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is truly one of the best employees in her department and we are so grateful to have her! She takes a load off of the ED staff by helping out and cleaning rooms. She looks for opportunities to help without needing to be asked, which is a huge help on a very busy day. Thank you so much Kendra for all you do to lighten our load!”

Teresa Lay – Administration, Southview Medical Center

“Teresa improves everyone’s life! I see her helping patients and employees.  Whether it is stopping in on her busy day to help a patient get to where they need to go, introducing herself to make a new employee feel welcome, or straightening a soda bottle in the cafeteria or even helping someone to carry all their food to a seat in the cafeteria, I have been a witness to it all.  Teresa is a living, breathing embodiment of Kettering’s mission. She does it all with a smile and a kind spirit. It impacts the patients and employees by making them feel loved and welcomed. It helps us to feel like we can do more. She is a blessing to all.”

Sheryl Campbell – Patient Access, Troy Hospital

“Sheryl always goes above and beyond for the patients that come to Kettering Health Piqua. She is always quick to help with bringing a wheelchair to those who need it and is very courteous to all. A patient who fell on hard times, lost their car, and was brought in with chest pains while traveling to attend the funeral of a loved one, became stranded at our facility. Due to COVID-19, the shelters in the area are all shut down. With it being such a late hour, and the temperature being low, she helped the patient acquire lodgings for the night. Sheryl did this with her own money and in hopes that the patient will pay it forward in the future. It shows that we should pay it forward and share what blessings we have with those who may be in need of some positivity and faith.”

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December 21, 2020