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Check Out Our February Employees of the Month

The Employee of the Month Award recognizes the people you love to work with. These winners show exceptional performance as defined by the network’s Standards of Behavior, live out the network’s values, and demonstrate the healing presence practices outlined in Called to Care.

You can read the nomination stories and see the photos of the February Employees of the Month below. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Eric Gayheart – IS Information Security, ASB

“Eric worked many hours with me trying to figure out what the root cause of my issue with epremis was and how to resolve it. Some work was done on my laptop while I was at work and it was not until I got home and realized that my VPN access was gone along with several other new computer issues. I was in a panic since I work from home four days a week. I reached out to Eric for help and I had to go back to work so he could add VPN access back to my laptop. I don’t know if he had to stay over that day to help me, but I cannot thank him enough. I went home, logged in, and it worked! I really feel like he went above and beyond in my time of panic and need. Thank you for all you do Eric. You are a true example of what this network stands for and our core values.”

Michael Grant – Nursing Sitter Services, Fort Hamilton Hospital

“Last month, a teenager who was developmentally disabled came into the hospital. She was in crisis and had left her home with the care giver to come to Fort Hamilton Hospital. Michael was working as a screener at the entrance when the female in crisis came in to the hospital. Other security team members and I were dispatched to the entrance.  When we arrived, we saw Michael holding the female’s arm. She was yelling, hitting, and kicking at Michael. Whenever we would speak to her, she wouldn’t even acknowledge us, however, when Michael spoke she would look at him. To get her the appropriate care, Hamilton Police was dispatched to Fort Hamilton.  As we were waiting for Hamilton Police, Michael continued talking to the female.  She was starting to calm down with her combative behavior.  When the Hamilton Police arrived, the female was calm and walked with the police officer to the car. Michael did an amazing job deescalating the situation, and was able to calm her down during her crisis.  Michael’s actions helped all of us get this female the care she needed while keeping everyone safe.”

Donna Craycraft – Respiratory Services, Greene Memorial Hospital

“Every night Donna comes to work with a positive attitude and is so helpful. On this particular night our unit had a high-risk, high-load patient who required 24/7 attention. This led to our unit being short-staffed because someone was always in the room. Donna went around the unit helping where needed and even drew almost all of the patient’s labs on the unit. She is an asset to the Greene Memorial Hospital team and we are so thankful to have her. She impacts others with her positivity and willingness to work hard and help where needed.”

Robin Hughes – KHN Retail Pharmacy, Grandview Medical Center

“Robin is extremely generous to her co-workers, frequently treating others to lunch, and frequently buying gifts just to keep the pharmacy morale high. She cares about her patients and knows them by name and medication. The customers love Robin because she takes her job to the next level by caring enough to know about them, their families, and their pets. Patient’s love to come and talk to her. She knows their names before they walk up to the counter and always remembers what is happening in their lives. Patients ask for Robin by name not only because they like her, but because they know she will get the job done, have it done quickly, and have it done correctly. Robin is an asset to Kettering Health Network pharmacy!”

May Ice – Co-Occurring Unit, KBMC

“May is great to work with. I had a difficult morning with a patient transfer to the emergency department at the same time my admission arrived – all before 8:00 a.m. May offered to do the admission and she did it with a smile on her face. She always offers to help and is very adaptable. I really appreciate her help and positive attitude. Patients and staff always love working with May. She is always the first to volunteer to do the unpleasant tasks. She anticipates the needs of the unit, and always steps up to help her co-workers without being asked. Her sense of humor cheers all of us up.  She is truly an inspiration, and the kind of nurse I aspire to be.”

Jeanette Little – Nursing, Kettering College

“Jeanette has gone above and beyond what is required for her workload for fall semester to help a colleague in need. She took over a clinical group for the semester when one of her fellow faculty members needed to be off due to personal circumstances. She was not asked to do this nor did she accept compensation for this work. She stated, “This is just what you do for others.” To me, this demonstrates the nursing division’s mission and philosophy of Christian caring. Jeanette is also constantly available for student and faculty collaboration and lives the mission of the Division of Nursing at Kettering College.”

Kelly Cockrell – Med Surg Intensive Care Unit, Kettering Medical Center

“Kelly goes far and beyond to lessen the workload on every staff she works with.  There are many instances when she will fill the blanket heater for the department, stack up sheets and towels used in patient setups, and more. She goes beyond her time to accommodate patients with whatever they may need. She easily makes herself available for whatever she is called to do. Because of her actions, she lessens the overall workload in the department and impacts patients by strongly advocating for them.”

Jennifer Denlinger – PC Oxford, Kettering Physician Network

“Jennifer always has a positive attitude and is detail oriented.  When speaking with patients on the phone, she makes sure to get details to help with the workflow in the office. This week, Jennifer received a call from a patient who has a history of a clotting disorder. After speaking with the patient for several minutes, she asked the patient if she was having problems breathing because she sounded as if she was having difficulty over the phone. The patient did have shortness of breath and struggling to get in breaths and Jennifer urged the patient to go to the emergency department. The patient wanted to see about getting an appointment in the office and again Jennifer urged her to go to the emergency room. She did agree to go and was found to have multiple blood clots and Saddle PE.  When the patient was discharged and had her follow up call with the care navigator, she wanted to make sure to thank Jennifer. She stated that Jennifer had saved her life, that she was her guardian Angel.  Jennifer’s attention to detail and concern for the patient having difficulty breathing and urging her to go to the emergency department truly saved our patient.  I am so thankful to work with such caring and empathic co-workers.”

Lindsay Alexander – Process Excellence, Prestige

“Lindsay is an outstanding team member.  She approaches her work with a positive, caring attitude that intently focuses on the safety and preciseness of the care we provide. Lindsay was able to step into a critical role as the processes for the network’s vaccination program were unfolding.  She helped the teams tie together many needed components, ensuring that we had the best processes ready for when the vaccinations arrived.  At a time of year where there’s as much going on outside of work due to the holidays, Lindsay remained focused and committed in the face of a demanding work project and the changing schedules and timeframes that come along with such a large effort.  Lindsay’s actions positively impact others by the care she shows while completing difficult tasks with tact and professionalism.  She elevates each team member’s role, allowing them to focus on what they need to do, while giving feedback and generating discussion on any critical gaps in the process so they can be resolved.”

Kelsey Hoker – Inpatient Therapy, Sycamore Medical Center

“Kelsey noticed a COVID-19 patient who she worked with earlier in the day being discharged on room air because he did not qualify for oxygen when he was at rest. When she worked with him earlier in the day, he desaturated to the low 80’s with standing activity on four liters of oxygen. Kelsey had serious concerns about the patient’s wellbeing if he did not have supplemental oxygen. She took the proper steps of contacting the case manager who facilitated a new home oxygen evaluation in which the patient was mobilized and did in fact qualify and required three liters of oxygen. Without Kelsey’s action this patient would have not managed well at home. He would have likely returned to the hospital for treatment and could have had dire consequences.  Kelsey’s action could have been lifesaving.”

Steven Evans – Human Resources, Soin Medical Center

“Steven has a group of people that looks to him for help when all other options have been depleted. These employees, including myself, can be weighed down by different issues that we are unable to resolve, but have a significant impact on our lives. When our lives are difficult due to other things, this impacts how we interact with our patients and even the engagement in our jobs. Steven takes each interaction he has with different employees and pours his soul into finding resolutions to whatever he may be presented with. This must feel like a large weight on his shoulders at times, but he never shows this. Steven doing his job beyond expectations allows for the staff of Soin Medical Center to focus on their patients and not on unresolved issues out of their control. I hope Steven realizes the impact he has on the lives of the employees of Soin Medical Center. He makes things better for employees so employees can be their best for the patients of this community. He has a gift for caring for others and the dedication it takes to keep the employees of the hospital afloat, even when they may feel like they are sinking.  Thank you, Steven, for all you do for many of us that come to you in an anxious state and leave you feeling like someone truly heard what we said.  You are amazing and appreciated!”

Kimberly Eneix – Hand & Orthopedic Center, Southview Medical Center

“Kim is our secretary and she is the first person the patients see. She always comes in with a smile on her face. One day we had a team member call in ill and she came up to me and said, ‘Let me know how I can help.’  She does so much already on her own and I was touched by the offer. I was busy taking care of a patient and she was checking in a patient that had to use the bathroom.  Kim took it upon herself to bring the patient back for me to guide her to the bathroom, and she also had her change for surgery since I was busy at the time. This was way above and beyond the call of duty.  She has also come and helped me strip a bed and fill the blanket warmer. I know she doesn’t have time to help me but she offers and does it anyway. Kim is so positive and is always smiling. She even gave me a Christmas gift and thanked me for all I do.  I should be thanking her.  What an amazing example of dedication and positivity.  We enjoy her being with us and we are so blessed with her hard work each and every day.”

Donna Kenny – Nursing Adminstration, Troy Hospital

“Donna is not only an amazing nursing supervisor, she is part of everyone’s team.  She helps in any area needed and does so without ever complaining.  She will often take on the role of EVS if there is a need, stripping the rooms and cleaning them if need be so we can keep going.  She has a great sense of humor and is loved by all.  She is an asset to her profession and to our team at Troy Hospital. Donna is one of those nurses who you know when she is on, no matter what happens, it is going to be okay.  She will make sure she does everything she can to make the shift run smoothly and always looks ahead to what the next shift or next few shifts may need.  She is proactive in helping the staff, not waiting to be asked, she looks at what orders are needed and helps where she can.”

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March 10, 2021