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Check Out the April Constellation Award Recipients

The constellation award recognizes strong teams that come together to serve patients and each other. They demonstrate a calling to care, live the network’s values, and show exceptional performance as defined by the network’s Standards of Behavior.

You can read their nomination story below. Congratulations to our recipients!

David Scott, Caroline Bendel, Sarah Gale, Kara Rourke, Emily Rush – Kettering Medical Center

This group of ICU nurses never cease to amaze me. They have been working together for several years and intuitively support one another to ensure the delivery of safe patient care.  They follow the ICU Liberation bundle to improve patient outcomes and respectfully work side by side with the interprofessional teams in MSICU. This group lifts one another and inspires each other to go above and beyond to support our patients and their families.  They always maintain high standards and recognize the importance of team work.  I can’t thank them enough for providing such exceptional care to our patients!

For example, on this day, the ICU charge nurse had a full patient assignment but also looked out for each team member.  Kara facilitated a buddy system and encouraged team members to work together to perform turns on our patients.  On this day, patient acuity was high. In addition to the acuity, several of the patients that day had issues with incontinence, on ventilator, requiring frequent full linen changes, gown changes, and baths.  This group of nurses didn’t wait to be called on for help, they were there for their team members to take care of patient needs. The ICU does not have nurse assistants. The nurses do it all and I watched them work seamlessly together to take care of our patients. This was also a day of multiple critical labs. Everyone worked together to take results and take action-calls to physicians for orders, helping each other with drug administrations and lab specimen collections.  Also, there were a lot of travels that day which means when one team member is off, the unit for 20 minutes or several hours to CT scan, MRI, or Rad. Oncology, their buddy, steps up to care for the patient they have left behind. The whole team steps up to cover.  This was a fast-paced day on which I didn’t have to ask twice for assistance. And during my leader rounding, I received nothing but words of praise and gratitude for the nurses on the floor that day.

Finally, quality is at the heart of all we do. We still must comply with central line audits, restraint audits, and patient care documentation.  This all takes teamwork and this group stepped up to ensure our patients received safe patient care, elevated patient experience by comforting both patients and families as they dealt with news about poor prognosis and goals of care, and had solid documentation. They demonstrate the value of team work.  They are role models for our novice nurses and epitomize the Kettering Health Network standards of behavior.  They are loyal to MSICU, to Kettering Medical Center, and to Kettering Health Network. This group truly exemplifies the essence of exceptional nursing and team work.  Thank you all, it is an honor to be your clinical nurse manager!

April 29, 2021