Check Out The July Living the Mission Recipient
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Check Out The July Living the Mission Recipient

The Living the Mission Award is given to people who bring the network’s mission to life, demonstrating the sacred work of improving the quality of life for people in the communities we serve. They use their own time and resources to transform lives, whether that’s at a network location or out in the community.

You can read the nomination story of the July Living the Mission recipient below. Congratulations to our recipient!

Ellen Del Valle – Kettering Medical Center

“Ellen has an elderly neighbor who lives alone and has no family support. Over the past several months, her neighbor has struggled to take care of herself and has been hospitalized several times. Ellen has gone above and beyond providing selfless care to her neighbor. She has sacrificed time spent with her three young children and husband in order to provide assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), getting groceries, and taking care of her neighbor’s home and beloved cat. She has spent hours attempting to organize community resources for her neighbor and has given her own resources to provide daily comforts, even ordering her McDonald’s coffee and breakfast sandwiches every morning! Above all of this, Ellen has been a supportive friend and listening ear, as her neighbor has navigated a lonely and challenging season of life. Ellen’s compassionate and selfless love has truly impacted her neighbor’s life in many positive ways. She has held her hand and shared the hope of Jesus when her neighbor had nowhere else to turn. She has prayed with her and encouraged her in difficult moments. Ellen epitomizes what it means to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ without expecting anything in return. She displays the mission and values of Kettering Health through her actions as both an occupational therapist and as a loving neighbor and certainly is deserving of recognition.”

July 21, 2021