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Check Out the March Constellation Award Recipients

The constellation award recognizes strong teams that come together to serve patients and each other. They demonstrate a calling to care, live the network’s values, and show exceptional performance as defined by the network’s Standards of Behavior.

You can read their nomination stories below. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Paula Vincent, Emily Allan, Stacie Kirk, Don Lynch, Ambrose Martin, Shermia Jacko, Will Alexander – KBMC

“A patient used coloring and journaling as a coping skill while at KBMC.  Her canvas was the walls of her room and bathroom. She used crayons, markers, pencils, and colored pencils beautifully on each of the walls during her 22 day stay.  Soon after the patient’s discharge at 2:45pm on a Friday, this team of EVS and administration worked hard to ensure the patient room did not need to be blocked all weekend due to the vulgar words and journal topics sprung about the room.  A special trip was made to the store to purchase scrub brushes and special cleaners had to be used to get the writings removed from the walls. The room was back in service within one hour after the patient was discharged on Friday late afternoon. This quick action and teamwork allowed the bed to be available for patient admissions throughout the weekend and it ended up being needed for patient safety and Emergency Room throughput.”

Katherine Hemmert, Casie Knospe, Jonelle Mayer, Brittany Montgomery – Kettering Medical Center

“I was able to witness this group on the COVID unit of 5NW on New Year’s Day. I was assisting with the intubation of a critically ill COVID-19 patient. This group worked together like a fine oiled machine. Kate was in charge and ensured we had the supplies and medications that were needed. It was a very stressful situation but this group remain calmed and very professional. Jonelle was the Respiratory Therapist and remained very calm and was always making sure that not only the patient was taken care of but also staff needed any assistance.

Finally, Kate was phenomenal with the family on the phone. She was very kind and emphatic while being honest with them. She showed grace in a truly challenging time. It was by the actions of this group that made me proud to be a Kettering employee when I needed to feel that we do make a difference in people’s lives no matter the patient outcome. They worked in sync with each other while collaborating to help not only the patient but also each other.”

March 31, 2021

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