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Check Out the Network’s June Employees of the Month

The Employee of the Month award recognizes individuals who exemplify our Kettering Health Network values in their daily work. We are giving a special focus to this award by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated our values specifically in the context of COVID-19. How we celebrate these award winners will be different in light of social distancing.

You can read the nomination stories and see the photos of the June Employees of the Month below. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Jessica Allen – Nursing, KC

“Jessica is consistently respectful, calm, and willing to help faculty with anything she is asked to do. She has gone above and beyond her basic work load by taking the lead on the screening procedures for the COVID situation for nursing students, faculty and staff, and done an outstanding job by sending updates weekly to the hospital. She has also coordinated the pinning ceremony this year which has had to be completely changed. She is always willing to help and never complains. She is a blessing and a wonderful gift.”

Susan Cole – Unit 2E Cardiac Medical, SMC

“Sue Cole has been an amazing leader during this difficult time. She took it upon herself to help train all of our staff on the PAPRs. She came in on the weekend and also was available for questions the entire time. One day, she was only supposed to work 8 hours but stayed over for over 12 hours. During that time, she helped lead the team and kept panic at a minimum. Sue leads by example and has a part in everyone on 2 East.”

Karla Huskey – Heart & Vascular Centerville, KPN

“As we all know, many of us are having issues trying to find toilet paper, food, and water right now. Karla has gone out of her way, more than once, to help out her fellow co-workers to make sure we did not go without. She has picked up supplies and brought them in to work to help us out. Not to mention, she does what she can to help boost morale. She’s helped so much by keeping everyone’s spirits up, while also helping to provide goods that we are all needing but cannot find.”

Lynda Wilt – Med Surg Tele, GMH

“Lynda is an active staff RN and UPC co-chair who is a crafty lady and likes to make sure other staff members are encouraged to do their best every day. Lynda had taken it upon herself to make sure that all of our furlough staff were sent special made cards with notes from the staff, to make sure they knew that we missed them. For Nurses week, Lynda went out of her way to make sure that her unit nurses were given a token of appreciation, as she and Summer asked local businesses to donate items to make gift bags for each nurse on the Med Surg/Telemetry unit. Lynda is a positive motivator for all staff and encourages others to be uplifting.”

Kelsey Wright – Heart Catheterization, GV

“Kelsey is always a joyful person who always comes in to work with positive energy. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, patients are only allowed one visitor for procedures, and one of our patients wanted her husband with her during her procedure. Her husband has dementia, and Kelsey found out he hadn’t eaten all day because his wife was having her procedure. Kelsey graciously went to the cafeteria and arranged for him to get a meal. Kelsey’s actions positively impact others because she serves as an example for others on how to treat and respect people.”

Michelle Kolp – Aduly Psych, KBMC

“Shelli is always finding a way to make things work for a variety of structures at KBMC. We were supposed to have an in-person meeting, however due to COVID-19, we were unable to meet as a team. The video Shelli created is really reflective of her character but most importantly, the video centers around self-care. The tone of the video isn’t forced at all, and everything she says comes across with compassion and purposeful intention. I feel that Shelli truly wants everyone who watches this video to learn to cope, thrive, and remember peace through this difficult time. Her demeanor is always approachable, and you can tell that she is always trying to think one step ahead.”

James Isaacs – Athletic Trainer, KMC

“Dan (James) has been helping with screening at the main door of SMC, which is the busiest and most intense door at that facility. There was an elderly patient who came in for an appointment during the time when no visitors were being allowed and though she could walk she was fatigued and needed a wheelchair that day. When she was getting ready to leave, Dan helped escort her to the parking lot in the wheelchair to help find her ride. He spent an hour pushing her through the lot looking for her ride, making phone calls trying to contact her ride, getting her a drink of water, and eventually getting her where she was supposed to be. He made such an impression that when she returned the next day, she asked for him specifically to help her again. This is just one example of the effort that Dan displays on a daily basis, inspiring others to do their best as well.”

Johnny Oudomsouk – IS Data Management, ASB

“Since the work-from-home order began, I have struggled to fully transition to working remotely. My biggest struggle was trying to gain remote access which became a persistent issue I was trying to resolve. When I called and spoke with Johnny, he was a breath of fresh air. My interaction with him let me know that he cared. He has taken so much stress off of my shoulders and helped double my productivity time! Johnny went above and beyond by empathizing with my frustration and ensuring me he would follow through to get it resolved. He did this all with a positive attitude and he truly embodies what it means to be a network star!”

Kathy Kofron – Community Outreach, Prestige

“Kathy took a call on the night shift at the Employee Health COVID Call Center from an individual experiencing emotional distress. Kathy listened to the employee for almost an hour and was able to obtain an Impact Solutions counselor for this individual who was under tremendous stress. Kathy was able to calm the caller while obtaining the appropriate help for them. This all happened during the middle of the night, when help isn’t always readily available. Her ability to quickly think of contacting Impact solutions was amazing!”

Kianna Matthews – Environmental Service Worker, Soin

“Kianna does so much to help keep our unit in great shape. On an extremely busy day, she jumped in to immediately help get a room clean that had just been vacated so we could have an available room for a woman who arrived in active labor. When we had our first COVID-19 positive patient, it was Kianna again who jumped in bravely to clean and turn over the room with a courageous attitude of thoroughness. Her actions helped our unit run smoothly, prevented a delay in care, and pain control for a patient that really needed a room. Thanks so much, Kianna, for all you do for our staff and patients.”

Angela Marshall – Preadmission Testing, SV

Angela was asked to help open the GV preadmission testing area. Angela stepped up and has been the only person in the front for patients to see. She not only has been able to get the patients through testing quickly, but she also has been able to organize the schedule in such a way to help the coordinators and physicians in seeing these patients. She worked previously with calling patients and changed everything she was doing in order to fully support and care for the patients coming in to be cleared for surgery. The patients have also expressed how she has been efficient and they have on multiple occasions stated that they thought the wait would be much longer.”

Amanda Hall – Patient Access, Troy

“Amanda recently transitioned to a new position quickly and while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. She is handling it all with a smile and helping the rest of our Patient Access Team navigate the rough terrain of the pandemic and its ever-changing protocols. She is a great leader and I commend her ability to take all of this on in the toughest of circumstances. Patients enjoy working with her, she deals with issues well, and she inspires me to be a better employee.”

Do you know someone who is a Network Star? Help us honor them by telling their story in the Network Stars form, located in the MyHR portal.

June 26, 2020