Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

The end of January and beginning of February was a week of frozen toes, fingers, cheeks, and noses. During one of the coldest weather stretches I can remember, I have witnessed an army of heroes maintaining focus on patient care. I stood by volunteers at the front door who donned hats, gloves, and coats and helped visitors from their cars into the warmth of the lobby. I watched nurses, physicians, and other staff battle the wind from the parking lot before 7 a.m. to get to Sycamore on time to make sure the facility continued with surgery cases, emergency care, inpatient services, and outpatient testing.

There are times when schools close and churches cancel services. Delivery services have been reluctant to venture out and government offices have delayed opening. Outside construction came to a halt with the cold weather. Water pipes in many buildings have broken, and animal owners have struggled to assure their horses have shelter and food to stave off the bitter cold.

I have indeed shaken many cold hands of employees and physicians. But those hands were always connected to the warm heart and generous smile of someone here at Sycamore ready to do whatever it takes to give high-quality care.

You are my heroes. Your consistency has built trust into our reputation as an organization. This community knows they can count on Sycamore to deliver the best in care, hire the best in staff, strive for the best in practice, and honestly seek ways to improve. Those “bests” are only earned through dedication and commitment in the face of challenges. Thank you for your warm hearts, even when everything else was cold.







Walter Sacket
Sycamore Medical Center

February 11, 2019