Communication of COVID-19 Results to Health Departments and Discharged Patients

The process for patient result communication to health departments and discharged patients is as follows:  

  • Upon notification, all positive results for COVID-19 will be immediately communicated to the appropriate health department by the infection preventionist. The charge RN on the patient’s floor will also be notified to facilitate immediate physician notification. 
  • The laboratory will enter the result into ODRS. 
  • For patients discharged from emergency departments, ED personnel will follow their normal process for lab result communication to discharged patients for both positive and negative patient results. 
  • COVID-19 results for inpatients who test negative and have been discharged will be routed to the ordering physician inboxes per standard flow. The ordering physician will be responsible for communicating negative results to the patient. All positive test results on discharged patients will be called to the ordering physician. 
April 2, 2020

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