Grandview, Southview

Construction Update at Southview and Grandview

-by Nick Comstock, Plant Maintenance Manager

We certainly are growing! Have you looked around lately? Construction crews are everywhere!

Here’s a look at what we just finished:


Do you recognize our Southern home? In the final weeks of 2017 we:

  • Updated every major corridor on the campus;
    • We carried the 2016 lobby motif throughout the public areas of the main campus. This included walls, ceilings, lighting, and floors.
  • Tied the new Memory Garden and the new Chapel together with a theme that matches the new Chapel and put in a new Inspiration Wall.
  • Completed a facelift of the ICU patient rooms and nursing station.
  • Added a new privacy designed nursing station on Med-Surg
  • Added new roadway and 155 new parking spaces on the north side of campus.
  • Added a new “special procedure” room to serve our patients where old Endo Room #3 was.

Look around the hallways at Southview. That is all new artwork. Do you see anything that looks familiar? We tried to use local scenes and photographs that were done by local artists.

Tell us what you think.

What are we doing now?

We are currently building a Surgical Skills Procedure Center on the second floor of the Yankee Building. This facility is a project that is being funded by the Grandview Foundation and Russ Wetherell. The center will be used to train our new physicians and help them hone the skills that they will need to perform the latest surgical procedures. Our current medical staff will also utilize the lab to learn new procedures and innovations as they are introduced throughout the world.

What is next for Southview?

We are working on some big plans! We are looking at a way to update the kitchen and dining area of the facility, and we are in the process of designing the Cardiology Associates office on the first floor of the Yankee Building to accommodate two new cardiology groups. We are also working on plans to expand the NeuroRehab and Balance Center on the second floor of the Yankee Building.

The network has also brought in a national campus masterplan group to form a strategy for the future of Southview. This plan will literally touch every service at Southview. The focus will be new and expanded:

  • Surgery Suites
  • Emergency Services
  • Post-partem rooms
  • Cath Lab and Medical imaging services
  • Acute care patient beds

And that is just Southview! We certainly do not want to leave Grandview out of the picture! Here are just some of the big things happening.

The Emergency Department expansion is off to a great start!

Becky Lewis and the entire Grandview Administration team gave up all of their offices and is now spread throughout campus. I even need a directory on how to find where everyone went. Below is a photo of the space where Becky Lewis’s office used to be:

They did this so that we could increase our Emergency Department visit size from 30,000 to 60,000 cases. The new Emergency Department will have:

  • Two Trauma procedure rooms
  • Two critical care patient rooms
  • A new behavioral health patient holding area
  • A less than 24-hour patient area
  • Nine new medium care patient rooms
  • A new CT scan
  • A new EMS support area
  • Eight new patient exam rooms
  • Three new patient triage rooms

Below is a rendering of what the outside of the Emergency Department will look like once the project is completed:

This would typically be a twenty- to twenty-four month project. In order to meet the needs of our community, we are going to try to do all of this work in less than nine months and keep the Emergency Department open and in service the entire time.

But that’s not all we’re doing! Along with the Emergency Department project, we are in the process of moving all of the services off of the old 3500 wing of the 1971 Building. Our plan is to open a new state-of-the-art Cardiac Electrophysiology Procedure suite, EP Lab, and a new Cardiac Cath Lab in that space by the end of the year. As part of these projects we will be replacing four major air handling units throughout the campus and adding one new one.

Not to be lost sight of, we are fairly far along on planning a way to add one or two new, state-of-the-art hybrid operating rooms in surgery.

When Jerry emailed me and asked for a status or update of what we are building or planning on building on the Southview and Grandview I thought, “Where should I begin?” Then once I started writing my mindset shifted to, “Where should I stop?”

This is exciting and fun. I cannot tell you what a great team we have here and how wonderful you all are to work with. Things like this just do not happen by chance.

April 17, 2018