COVID-19 and Flu Testing

As we are entering the influenza season and are still seeing significant increases in COVID-19 patients, updates on available flu and COVID-19 testing are listed below with guidance to ordering the appropriate test for your patients. 

Current Process – Influenza NOT Present in the Community 

Below are two (2) scenarios for testing and admitting a symptomatic ED patient for COVID-19 

 Scenario #1 Scenario #2 
Abbott Rapid COVID-19 Test Positive Negative 
ALERE Rapid Flu test n/a n/a 
Admission unit (if applicable) Admit to C-19 Unit Admit to nonC19 Unit 
Additional COVID-19, influenza, or VRP testing needed No other tests Consider Roche PCR if high COVID-19 risk 

Initiate When Influenza Is Present in the Community 

Both the Abbott Rapid COVID-19 test and the ALERE Rapid flu test should be done on all patients presenting with symptoms and workup consistent with a viral pneumonia. 

Below are four (4) scenarios for testing and admitting a symptomatic ED patient for COVID-19, influenza, and viral respiratory.   

 Scenario #1 Scenario #2 Scenario #3 Scenario #4** 
Abbott Rapid COVID-19 Test Positive Positive Negative Negative 
ALERE Rapid Flu test Negative Positive Positive Negative 
Admission unit (if applicable) Admit to C-19 Unit Admit to C-19 Unit Admit to nonC19 Unit Admit to nonC19 Unit 
Additional COVID-19, Influenza, or VRP testing needed no other tests no other tests consider Roche PCR if high COVID-19 suspicion order VRPC** = Biofire Viral Respiratory Panel with SARS-CoV-2 

** Scenario #4: VRPC cannot be ordered unless both an Abbott Rapid test and an Alere Rapid Flu test are negative 

The attached table is a reference for all COVID-19 related testing that is available to providers inside the network: 

COVID-19 Orders

November 10, 2020