COVID-19 Antibody Testing FAQ

Q: My patient had all the symptoms of COVID-19 earlier this year but was not able to have confirmatory testing while symptomatic, now they want antibody testing.  Can I order antibody testing through EPIC? 

A: Currently, (as of 4/29/20) we do not have antibody testing available through EPIC orders. 

Q: My patient has seen advertisements for antibody testing at various practices or other labs in the area, can they complete antibody testing through those locations? 

A: While there are several tests being advertised and offered in the greater Dayton area and elsewhere, the FDA has not reviewed the vast majority of the tests on the market for validity and sensitivity.  Additionally, the reliability of the test results has yet to be determined.   

Q: Can the antibody testing be used to diagnose someone with COVID-19? 

A: No, early in the disease course, antibodies may not be high enough to be detected. Additionally, there are several known human coronaviruses—ones that cause the common cold-that could produce cross reaction in response to COVID-19. 

Q: My patient was tested and is showing antibody response, does this mean they are immune from future COVID-19 re-infection or exposures? 

A: At this time, not enough research has been completed to produce evidence-based results to show whether the antibodies if detected provide immunity.  Additionally, testing can result in false-positives as well as false negatives. 

Q: My patient had antibody testing and does have a positive IgG result; can they donate plasma without a confirmed COVID-19 test result? 

A: Yes, per the FDA guidelines for convalescent plasma collection if they are 28 days symptom free.  

May 4, 2020