COVID-19 Testing Questions

Effective Monday, August 23, there will be two new questions that must be answered when ordering a COVID-19 test, regardless of whether it is a rapid or PCR test. Note: Fully vaccinated means 14 days after the second dose for Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, and 14 days after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  

  1. Is the patient fully vaccinated?  Yes or No 
  2. Prior COVID-19 infection?  Yes or No  

If a patient has questions about why they need a COVID-19 test, you may find the talking points below helpful: 

  1. Why do I need to have a COVID test? The incidence in the community for COVID-19 infection is very high right now. Several studies show that asymptomatic COVID-19 patients undergoing surgical and procedural procedures that require general anesthesia or moderate to heavy sedation are at higher risk of developing COVID-19 symptoms and have poorer outcomes from the surgery/procedure. 
  1. I have been vaccinated. Why do I need a COVID test for my surgery?  Evidence shows that although the vaccines are effective in preventing severe disease and hospitalization, they do not offer 100% protection from a COVID-19 infection.  This is particularly true regarding the delta variant of COVID, which is the prevalent strain in our community.
August 23, 2021