COVID Testing for Procedural Areas

Testing requirements for patients having procedures where anesthesia will be in attendance:

  • All patients will be strongly encouraged to be tested prior to the procedure.
  • Those patients who refuse the test must contact their physician to discuss options regarding their care.  The case may be postponed unless it is determined to be urgent.
  • Patients scheduled greater than 3 to 4 days prior to surgery will be directed to be tested at a drive-thru or designated emergency center.
  • Procedures will not be cancelled awaiting test results but may be moved around on the schedule day of surgery to accommodate late test results. 
  • A negative test will be accepted up to 7 days prior to surgery.
  • Screening day of surgery for new symptoms will continue in the pre-procedure area.
  • If the patient has not already been tested, patients anticipated to be inpatient post-procedure will be tested day of surgery using the PCR.
  • Urgent and emergent patients will be tested using the PCR even if the results are not available prior to the procedure.  The procedure will not be delayed waiting on specimen collection or test results.
  • No rapid tests will be performed on surgical patients unless the patient is emergent and symptomatic.
  • A retrospective review of elective cases scheduled less than 48 hours prior to surgery will be conducted to determine if the case could have been scheduled in sufficient time to allow the patient to be assessed by PAT and tested.  
  • A smart phrase is available to anesthesia providers to add to documentation that patients who have not been tested have been advised of the risk. 
July 16, 2020