Department Spotlight: Unit 3 West (Bariatric and Orthopedic)

Department Spotlight: Unit 3 West (Bariatric and Orthopedic)

In 2016 the newly remodeled Bariatric and Orthopedic Unit at Sycamore brought a new level of patient experience to the community. This unit fosters a specialized, patient-first approach to bariatric and orthopedic care. The new, dedicated 27,000-squarefoot unit includes beautiful private suite recovery rooms for increased patient safety and sensitivity and was built to orthopedic- and bariatric-accessible specifications to ensure patient comfort and safety. It is the largest care area in the network.

The employees of 3 West were consultants and a crucial part of the planning and design of this unit to accommodate the specific needs of the patients for which they care.

Along with simulations and props to help patients practice navigating activities of daily living, the state-of-the-art unit creates the opportunity to showcase the expertise of the two teams in one location. The unit contains 32 beds and is divided by pods. Pod A/B is the orthopedic unit, and Pod C is bariatrics. There are spacious accommodations for both patients, their families, and visitors. Unit 3 West has 64 employees, which includes a manager, care coordinators, nurses, nursing assistants, health unit coordinators, and orthopedic techs.

Significant achievements: We are in the top quartile in six domains of the patient experience and have multiple Daisy Award winners on the unit.
2018 goals: No surgical site infections and improving patient satisfaction scores
Something we are particularly proud of: Our great staff and beautiful unit
Something we may not know about your department: We work as a unit including physical therapy, orthopedic therapy, and discharge planners

Meet Pam Miller, Manager

Favorite quote: “Be the change you want to see.”
How long have you been with Sycamore or Kettering Health Network? Since April 1981.
What is your favorite part of the job? Working with this great staff and seeing these young people grow into health care leaders
When you don’t work, what do you like to do for fun? Spend time with kids and grandkids and visit my 97-year-old dad in Florida
Who are the co-workers/employees who make you laugh? Mat, RN; Kim, RN; and Lori, orthopedic tech
What is something we may not know about your employees? Twenty-one percent have been here for 10 years or more, 14 percent are male, one is from Vietnam, one is from Russia, and one is from Africa

Pam has a tremendous sense of pride for this unit. She truly appreciates the great staff with which she works. Thank you, Unit 3 West, for caring for our patients, their families, and each other!

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December 17, 2018