Disposal of Isolation Gowns, Reusable Isolation Gowns, and Soiled Scrubs

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This email is to clarify gown use when caring for COVID-19 patients. Kettering Health Network has obtained supplies of disposable, non-sterile isolation gowns from multiple manufacturers. We also secured reusable isolation gowns which require a specified laundering process. The details below review appropriate use and disposable for each type of gown.  

Disposable isolation gowns 
We have several different types of non-sterile disposable isolation gowns. All of these disposable gowns are classified as level 2 protection and appropriate for use when caring for COVID-19 patients. These level 2 gowns have always been our standard for non-sterile isolation gowns.These disposable non-sterile isolation gowns are water resistant, but not waterproof. If staff providing care could become saturated with liquids, staff is advised to double gown to prevent or reduce penetration of liquid.  

Sterile surgical gowns are rated level 3 and 4 and are reserved for emergency department trauma, operating rooms, and surgical procedures where there is a higher risk of exposure to body fluids. 

Disposable gowns contaminated with blood or body fluid are to be disposed in biohazard waste. Disposable gowns not contaminated with blood or body fluids can be disposed in the regular waste.  

Soiled reusable isolation gowns  

All soiled, reusable isolation gowns need to be disposed of in the soiled linen hamper with other soiled linens. Do not dispose soiled, reusable isolation gowns in the blue economy bins (pictured at bottom of communication). These are for scrubs only. 

Soiled scrubs 
All scrubs being supplied to COVID-19 units and emergency departments need to be disposed of in the correct location to avoid delaying turn-around time.   

All soiled scrubs need to be placed in supplied blue economy bins provided on each unit/department, not in soiled linen hampers.  

  • Blue economy bins should only have scrubs, no isolation gowns. 
  • No personal clothing, blankets, wash cloths, towels, etc.  
  • Check all pockets and remove sharps, tubes, jars, and personal belongings before disposing of scrubs in bins. 
December 8, 2020