E-Prescribing Changes for Prescribing Providers Coming 4th Quarter 2019
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E-Prescribing Changes for Prescribing Providers Coming 4th Quarter 2019

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What is happening?

Kettering Health Network will be implementing e-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) network wide in December of 2019. This is in preparation for compliance with federal law, which will mandate e-prescribing of controlled substances, effective January 1, 2021. The implementation of EPCS will follow behind the Windows10 and new Carelink for Windows 10 deployment. Both are required before we can turn on the EPCS functionality.

Why are we doing this?

In response to the current opioid crisis, Federal Government has mandated that by January 1, 2021, all physicians and advance practice providers (APPs) will be required to e-prescribe any controlled substance. Additionally, in 2020 bonus points will be given for each facility that has implemented EPCS. These bonus points will contribute to our meaningful use requirements. Our providers will benefit from a hands free second sign push token technology providing fast, automated authentication. Our patients will no longer have to go to the provider’s office to obtain their printed prescription. The provider can send the prescription to their pharmacy electronically. Electronic prescribing of controlled substances will reduce the likelihood of drug diversion and reduce the threat of a health care data breach.

How will this affect you?

The DEA requires that each provider be enrolled in person, no remote ID proofing is allowed. EPCS enrollment supervisors must match a government issued photographic identification for the provider and validate that they are legally authorized to practice medicine and to prescribe controlled substances. The DEA mandates that at least two people designated as enrollment supervisors validate all providers before they can e-prescribe controlled substances. Our EPCS enrollment team will be conducting enrollment sessions in the physician lounges during the enrollment period, and on an ongoing basis for newly on-boarding providers. Enrollment schedules will be posted on the EPCS intranet page.

Kettering Health Network has selected the “smart phone” hands free technology solution for second sign. This means that you will need to have a currently supported smart phone device with the Imprivata application loaded on it to sign for any narcotic orders. Instructions regarding how to download the Imprivata application will be forthcoming and will be posted on the EPCS intranet page. Information for providers that do not have a supported smart phone will be shared as it becomes available.

What should you do to prepare?

Watch for iSupport communications regarding our enrollment fairs. When you plan to attend an enrollment fair, be sure to bring a government issued photographic ID with you. Smart phone devices that are supported include Android 7 or later and iOS 11 or later. The “Imprivata ID” application can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes. Our enrollers will be able to help you with downloading the Imprivata application, so be sure to bring your smart phone.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

If you have questions, please contact iSupport at extension 44500 or call Dr. Charles Watson, chief medical information officer, at (937) 914-7361.

March 8, 2019