COVID-19 Employee Screening FAQs

Thank you for leading through this change and escalating your questions. Here are the answers to the most common questions.

What is the process for an employee who states they have a cough but no fever?

The new question for employees (this replaces the previous questions):

  1. In the past 14 days, have you developed a new cough, fever, or other respiratory symptoms?
  2. Take temperature if you’re in a facility with a thermometer.

If an employee has a cough but no fever (less than 100.0 F):

  1. Employee steps aside (do not send home or to their car).
  2. The employee will use their cell phone to call Employee Health at (937) 395-8900.
  3. Employee Health will assess the employee to determine their fitness for work.
  4. After speaking with Employee Health, the employee will put their cell phone on speakerphone, so the employee and screener can verify if the employee is to remain at work or go home.   

If the employee has a fever at or greater than 100.0 F:

  1. The employee will be instructed to return home.
  2. The employee calls Employee Health at (937) 395-8900 from home.
  3. The employee will call their primary care provider for assessment.
  4. The employee will follow the physician’s directions for further steps.

How can I get more thermometers?

Thermometers have been redistributed to hospitals. Please contact Incident Command in the event you need more. If you are at a facility that does not have access to a thermometer, ask the person the two screening questions above.

Do employees who work both inside and outside the facility (police, facilities, dock, construction, etc.) need to come through the screening line when returning from outside?

For employees who work both inside and outside the facility, provide them with a green visitor label. They can proceed to do their jobs without being re-screened.

If they start to develop a cough, respiratory symptoms, and fever during their shift, they need to contact Employee Health at (937) 395-8900.

For others who leave the premises to get something from their car, run an errand, or go to lunch outside of the facility, they need to be re-screened.


If the person delivers the items to the door or dock and does not enter through the building, they do not need to be screened. If they enter the building, they will need to go through the screening process. 

EMS Entry Points

Unless EMS is actively doing life safety measures, all need to be screened upon entrance. Once life safety measures are completed, EMS will need to be screened.

Stat call teams with minimum response time (Cath Lab, Trauma, Stroke Team, OB, OR)

Self-monitor at home daily. If a fever above 100.0 F develops at home, escalate to a manager for replacement. Temperatures will be taken at the screening entrance.

How do we open more screening entrances for employees?

If there is a need to open more screening entrances for employees, please communicate this to the Incident Command Center. While you are waiting for a response, please have a person or screener stand at the entrance to redirect the employees.

Are we getting more signs?

Yes, we are working with marketing to print new and updated signs about visitor restrictions and employee screening.

*Patients cannot be turned away from EDs until seen and registered by RN at triage.

March 22, 2020