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Employees and Patient Win in Network Super Bowl Commercial

This year’s Super Bowl Commercial “The Perfect Game” featured employees, volunteers, and physicians from Kettering Health Network in a dramatic game-winning play. In the end, a trauma patient, who arrives via MedFlight, is back on his feet!

The commercial cast and extras include:

Warren Prater
Kindra Engle, DO
Coryn Autore
Ashleigh Petitt
Wally Sackett
Deanette Sisson
Jackie Smith
Debbie Zink
Stephen Gibson
Roy Kuntz, volunteer

Dr. Robert Sawyer
Christine Peterson

Sally Kessie
Josh Ashcraft
Meg Holmes

Terrance Anderson

Kettering Sports Medicine
Laura Stafford

Grandview and Southview
Shekila Belton
Tim Nave (contest winner 4th place)
Todd Lawrence
Brianna Rosenbauer

Preble County Medical Center
Heather McKee

Austin Landing
Matt Lacanilao

Horace Facey
Liz Long
Kendra Silvis
Meg Holmes
Jim Bartosik
Steve Capenos
Anna Capenos
Jennifer Adams
Judy Leach

Selena Smith
Bryant Bolden
Steve Sprauer
Dan Madzia
Pete Zois

Bruce Ferris

Fort Hamilton
Mike Keehner
Dave Swigonski

Greene Memorial
Elizabeth Caudill
Lori Eavers, (contest winner 1st place)

Crystal Siglar (contest winner, 3rd place)
Caleb Boles

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s commercial a success. Special thanks to: Network Marketing, Human Resources, Administration and MedFlight. Also, thank you to the entire staff of Sycamore, including Nutrition Services, Plant Engineering, Security, Emergency Department, Surgery Department, and Volunteer Services.

February 2, 2015