Main Campus, Miamisburg

Employees Helping Employees

March is a month when we come together and celebrate employees helping employees. During the annual Employee
Assistance Fund giving campaign, I encourage you to take a moment to count your own blessings and think about how
you can play a role in changing the life of someone in need right here in our Kettering family.

The statements below from your fellow employees illustrate why we have a program for employees helping employees.

“Cancer struck my family. We depleted our checking account and then our savings account. Without help from the
Employee Assistance Fund, we wouldn’t have been able to afford our rent.”

“My home was no longer a safe place for my kids. Fears of not covering the rent and not having food on the table went
away because of the Employee Assistance Fund.”

“We had a death in the family immediately preceding a medical procedure I desperately needed. Both setbacks hurt our
ability to keep afloat. We were just trying to play catch up.”

“First, the heater went out at the house, then care troubles came. Do I fix my care to get to work or keep my family
warm? Financially, I could only do one or the other. Thanks to the Employee Assistance Program, I could do both.”

Together we can make a big difference in the lives of our friends and co-workers. Please join with me in giving to the Employee Assistance Fund. Employees helping employees represents a long-standing tradition of giving and generosity at Kettering. This is just one of the many reasons I’m proud of the great people who work here. You can make your gift at

March 6, 2019