Eye Protection/PPE for Direct Patient Care Employees

As the community spread of COVID-19 becomes prevalent, the safety of our care teams is at the forefront. As an additional safety measure, goggles will be available for all direct patient care employees.

Direct patient care employees are defined as employees who provide hands-on care and treatment to patients.

Effective Tuesday, July 7

  • All hospital departments providing direct patient care
  • Ambulatory areas and Kettering Physician Network

How to obtain goggles for your departments

  • Leader: Order supply based on the average number of employees for both a day and a night shift, plus an additional 5 more.
  • This number is not your total number of employees, but rather how many employees you have scheduled in a 24-hour period plus 5.
  • Example: You have a total of 50 employees. You schedule on average 10 employees for a day shift and 8 employees for a night shift. Therefore, you would order 18+5 extra for a total of 23. The 23 goggles can be cleaned and reused each shift between employees.

Guidelines and best practices

  • Goggles are to be used for the duration of the shift.
  • Goggles are reusable, and not to be discarded unless damaged.
  • Goggles will be returned at the end of shift for reuse.
  • Clean your goggles using Oxivir Tb wipes or hospital-approved disinfectant spray
  • Or return your goggles to HUC or designated team member for cleaning
  • Clean goggles will be placed in specified bin and ready for reuse.
  • Clean your hands before and after touching your goggles.
  • Clean your goggles at the beginning of every shift, and any time you put on your goggles.
  • Handle goggles by touching the ear pieces.
  • Eyeglasses do not replace goggles. Goggles should be worn over regular eyeglasses for added protection.

July 10, 2020