Fight the Flu: Get Your Flu Shot
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Fight the Flu: Get Your Flu Shot

Kettering Health Network is dedicated to improving the well-being of the people in the communities in which we serve, which includes preventing the spread of flu. The best way to do that is for all Kettering Health Network employees and volunteers to get their mandatory flu shot for 2020.

Flu shots are required for all employees and volunteers, and flu shots for employees will be offered throughout the network September 21-October 16.

There are multiple ways in which you can get your flu vaccination this year:

Network flu clinics: Click on a facility below to download the schedule of free flu shot clinics for that campus. Schedules are also available on the Employee Health intranet page.

Please check back if your campus currently does not have a clinic schedule posted. All clinic schedules will be posted by September 21.

Kroger Health: Visit your nearest Kroger Pharmacy or Little Clinic and present an employee voucher and/or a spouse/dependent voucher.

Primary care provider: You can schedule a flu shot with your provider at your next visit.

On-Demand Care clinic: Visit one of the three On-Demand Care clinics.

If you receive a flu shot from Kroger Health, a primary care provider, or an On-Demand Care clinic, please fax or email your flu record to or (937) 522-9295.

If you qualify for a medical or lifetime religious exemption, please submit an exemption form before October 1.

  • Medical exemption request form
  • Lifetime religious exemption form

Questions about the network’s flu policy? Click here to find answers to frequently asked questions.

September 9, 2020

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