Final Summer of Wellness Challenge
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Final Summer of Wellness Challenge

We’ve reached the final month for the Summer of Wellness, where we’ve been challenging you to improve your health. The final focus is nutrition, so August is all about food!

One in four people within the United States eats some sort of fast food every day. For the month of August, we encourage you to make healthier eating choices.

Take a photo or track it! By participating in one if the following challenges, you could be eligible to win a wellness related prize. One winner will be randomly selected every month. August winners will be announced September 2.

Challenge 1: Submit a Photo

Show us how you are becoming more conscious about your mind, body, and spirit this summer! Take a photo to track your progress towards better health and send it to by August 31. Each photo counts as one entry into our raffle drawing.

Challenge 2: Track Your Journey

Start developing healthy exercise habits by tracking your progress. Just choose a template that best fits your needs and then start tracking your improvement. At the end of the month, submit your tracker sheet to for a chance to be randomly selected to win. There are two ways to track your improvement. Click on the name of the challenge to download the tracker.

  • You Are What You Cook: Our busy lives can make cooking look impossible. However, thanks to easy-to-make recipes, there are many ways to create healthy, delicious meals for yourself. Try to cook your own food at least three days per week.
  • I’m Feeling Snacky: We have all had the mid-day munchies at some point, so why not pick a healthy option? Enjoy a healthy snack, like cut-up fruit or hummus and chips. Write down what you chose to snack on during the day.

Did you participate in one of the July challenges? Don’t forget to email your tracker to!

July 23, 2019