Get Involved in the Free Community Health Clinic
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Get Involved in the Free Community Health Clinic

Kettering Health Network will be hosting its first-ever free community clinic, Heal Dayton, on September 4 and 5 at the Dayton Convention Center. This clinic will offer free services to individuals who are under-insured or without insurance altogether. Our goal is to serve 1,500 people each day of the clinic, but in order to do that we need your help!

How to Get Involved

We need committee members and committee leaders to help turn our initiative into reality. Committee leaders will direct a team and oversee a portion of the event. Committee leader positions are described below, and a group of three to five committee members will work with each leader to accomplish their goals:

  • Registration Director: Oversees the registration process
  • Customer Service Coordinator: Ensures people get to their correct destination
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Works with volunteers on their responsibilities
  • Hospitality Director: Makes sure that volunteers are eating as well as getting relief
  • Sterilization Director: Helps keep medical equipment sterile
  • Dental Supply Director: Ensures all dentists have necessary equipment stocked
  • Community Director: Works with volunteers from the community and from other nonprofit organizations
  • Medical Director: Organizes the various medical services that will be offered by physician/medical volunteers with their specialties at the clinic
  • Optometry Director: Coordinates and assists the optometrist volunteers
  • Dental Director: Coordinates and assigns the volunteer dentists, hygienists, and assistants
  • Logistics Director: Oversees the safe and efficient storage and distribution of needed goods
  • PR Coordinator: Oversees all PR-related activities
  • Church-Community Liaison Director: Oversees communication and cooperation between the church and the community
  • Mental Health Director: Oversees the committee for Mental Health and coordinates the activities in their filed on the day of the clinic
  • Cardiology Director: Oversees the committee for Cardiology and coordinates the activities in their filed on the day of the clinic
  • Pharmacy Director: Oversees the committee for Pharmacy and coordinates the activities in their filed on the day of the clinic
  • Chaplain Director: Responsible for the evangelistic elements of the clinic and organizes the chaplain volunteers
  • Child Care Director: Ensures safety and facilitates sign-in process, activities, and wellness of the children in our care
  • Gynecology Director: Oversees the committee for Gynecology and coordinates the activities in their filed on the day of the clinic
  • Transportation Director: Coordinates transportation between the community and the clinic

How to Sign Up

For more information or to volunteer your services, contact Lauren Day by emailing, or Israel Olaore at You can also call (937) 762-1063.

June 2, 2016