Grandview, Shout Outs

Grandview Named Platinum Partner by Community Blood Center

The Community Blood Center has announced Grandview Medical Center’s qualification as a Platinum Partner in their Lifesaving Ambassador’s Club.

There are three partnership levels recognized at different milestones of blood drive success and commitment:

  • Platinum Partner: 100% efficiency
  • Gold Partner: 99% – 95% blood drive efficiency
  • Silver Partner: 94% – 90% blood drive efficiency
  • Lead the Way Summer Partner: Organizations hosting at least 2 or more blood drives during trauma season (May 1-September 2)

In 2016, Grandview hosted 4 blood drives, collected 78 units of blood,  and averaged 105% of its blood drive goal. The hospitals participation was critical in maintaining the local blood supply. Each donation made can help save up to three lives.

As a result of the system’s commitment to blood donation, a plaque for being an Outstanding Blood Drive Sponsor was accepted on behalf of Grandview by Employee Health nurse Deb Cardlin, RN.

Thank you to all who participated, and we are looking forward to your partnership again in 2017!

June 22, 2017