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Grandview’s April DAISY Award Winner – Stephanie Alcorn

Congratulations to Stephanie Alcorn, a nurse on 4100 at Grandview Medical Center, for winning the hospital’s DAISY Award in April!

The DAISY Award is given to nurses who demonstrate clinical skill and compassionate care. It was established by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who died of a disease attacking the immune system (DAISY). His family was awestruck by the care and compassion his nurses provided, so they established this award program. You can read Stephanie’s nomination story below:

“I moved to Ohio to live with family, and after living here for a year, ended up in the hospital. Stephanie’s personality clicked with mine. She took care of me for three days. When she was here, she would say good night and ‘see you the next day.’ She took care of me for three days, and it was the same thing every day. We took to each other right away. All the nurses were great, but she stood out to me. I tried to figure out why, and then it stood out: my daughter passed away, and I think it was fate that her name is Stephanie Dawn. Stephanie was kind and compassionate and always had a smile. All my nurses were great, but she put herself above and beyond. I’ll always remember you, Stephanie. You deserve to win this award. Your team mates love and respect you. I love you, too!”







June 2, 2017