Guidelines and Best Practices for N-95 Use

The following are reminders for direct patient care team members regarding guidelines and best practices for use of N-95 respirators. 

  • One (1) mask per caregiver per day unless replacement is needed due to visible contamination or mask becomes moist 
  • Once you place on the mask, it can be worn in multiple patient rooms while on the unit. N-95 respirators are not to be worn off the unit, unless transporting an appropriate patient. 
  • Not everyone is able to wear an N-95 due to medical conditions that may be made worse when breathing through a respirator. In this case, please work with your leader on using a PAPR. 
  • A fit seal check should be performed before each use: 
  • View KHN N95 Donning and Doffing education in HealthStream 
  • Video on how to self-check a N95 respirator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnXN1OD6VRw  
  • Remove during eating/drinking: 
  • Doff your mask by the straps, grasp mask on inside, fold in half with inside of mask facing outward, and place in brown paper bag or envelope when not in use. See video: https://youtu.be/k7b_nhTtN4M 
December 28, 2020