Hit the Road for Bike to Work Day May 18
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Hit the Road for Bike to Work Day May 18

People across America are trading four wheels for two as they choose to ride their bikes during their morning commute. Join the movement of active commuters on Friday, May 18 and turn your ride to work into a workout. Here are your top five tips for getting the best out of your ride to work.

  1. Ride at your own pace: Give yourself enough time so that you can take your time without overworking yourself if you aren’t used to being active. Gradually increase your speed each day you ride.
  2. Bring a change of clothes: Whether you’re heading to a meeting in your business-best or trying to preserve the cleanliness of your scrubs, it’s always best to ride to work in active wear and change when you arrive. Doing so will also help eliminate the need to shower!
  3. Wear a helmet and bright clothing: Safety is important for any means of commuting, especially for bike riders. Wearing proper safety attire combined with obeying traffic laws will ensure a safe ride for you and those around you.
  4. Check the weather: While biking can be enjoyable despite the rain, seek shelter if the weather becomes severe. Make sure you wear raingear.
  5. Make it a hobby: The more you enjoy biking in general, the more you will enjoy biking to work. Coast easily through your neighborhood or challenge your friends to ride with you on a long trail. For a complete map of Miami Valley trails, visit www.miamivalleytrails.org/trail-map.

Use these tips and don’t forget to bike to work on Friday, May 18!

May 15, 2018