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Network May Employees of the Month

The Employee of the Month award recognizes individuals who exemplify our Kettering Health Network values in their daily work. Beginning this month, we are giving a special focus to this award by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated our values specifically in the context of COVID-19. How we celebrate these award winners will be different in light of social distancing.

You can read the nomination stories and see the photos of the May Employees of the Month below. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Lynell Babienco – Finance, Prestige

“Lynell does whatever it takes to make sure the Kettering Health Network finance goals are met. With the majority of our team either on furlough or PTO, Lynell has helped take on other tasks like getting her team remote access, finishing the 2019 financial audit in time, and created a disaster cost center for COVID-19 costs to be tracked. She did this while still keeping up with her general accounting operations. Lynell doing all of this allows others to perform their tasks without knowing everything that goes on behind the scenes.”

Brooke Bradley – Food Services, Grandview Medical Center

“Brooke routinely tries to do everything possible to provide patients with what they want. If they are on a special diet, she will adjust portion sizes or suggest alternatives to allow them to have as many of the menu items they want without exceeding the restrictions of their diet order. She has a great deal of patience and demonstrates a high level of caring and compassion to everyone. The work that Brooke does each and every day to serve our family, friends, and patients during this critical time is so important for patient healing and recovery.”

Tiffany Collins – Greystone Family Practice, Kettering Physician Network

“With our new visitor restrictions due to COVID-19, we are unable to have children under the age of 18 accompany parents to things like appointments and testing. On more than one occasion, Tiffany has volunteered to sit with children so patients could continue to receive needed tests! People like her are the reason I am proud to work in this field and for this company. She helps others so they are able to continue getting their necessary health care!”

Lindsay Dye – Emergency Room, Troy Hospital

“Lindsay is very compassionate about her role as a Nurse Educator. She wants the best outcome for her patients and staff. Lindsay goes above and beyond to make sure everyone knows how to use any new equipment, and this has been even more important during COVID-19. She practices what she teaches, and her kindness and gentleness can be felt by all of her co-workers and patients. I cannot say enough about this wonderful nurse!”

Kacee Floyd – Molecular Testing Supervisor, Kettering Medical Center

“Kacee was instrumental in bringing COVID-19 testing in-house, as she worked tirelessly without days off to make it happen. She spent many hours getting a test that could be done, and was able to get same day results with our method in the Molecular Lab. In-house testing would not be a possibility without her expertise and dedication to the cause. She is a treasure to the lab and we would not be able to do any of this without her.”

John Lange – Retail Pharmacy, Sycamore Medical Center

“I sent a message to have my prescriptions transferred to an out of network pharmacy due to working from home and because I have four autoimmune diseases that make me at higher risk to pick up at the hospital pharmacy. John emailed me and said he would be willing to deliver them to my home so I would not have to pay the higher costs! I could not believe his generous act to not only help me lower my risk to COVID-19, but also help me not incur additional out of pocket costs! This is an example of living our mission.”

Ryan Richardson – Environmental Services, Fort Hamilton Hospital

“Ryan is always quick to help when needed. Each time he comes to the unit for his round he checks in at the desk to see if he can help with the nursing staff as well. Several times I have seen him personally go looking for an item or will deliver the equipment himself just to help. He is always friendly and smiling, and brings a positive attitude wherever he goes!”

Theresa Slyder – Administrative Nursing Supervisor, Southview Medical Center

“Theresa has been such an advocate and calming force for her employees. Any time one of the screeners needed anything, she helped them with the process and supplies. She also helped with all of the COVID-19 patients in the ED giving guidance and clinical support. This is not just during COVID-19, this is all the time for Theresa! She is always helpful, present, and an all around huge support for Southview.”

Megan Spracklen – Delivery Room, Soin Medical Center

“Megan volunteered to take an assignment to care for a patient under investigation for COVID-19. Megan, despite having her own risks, offered to take over this patient’s care. She did so and did it throughout the day with a smile. Megan is a great team player and goes above and beyond to support her team.”

Kiley Wright – Co-occurring Unit, KBMC

“Kiley did an amazing job with a very difficult situation for a patient over the holiday weekend. She was extremely creative and brought goodies for the patient and for them to also hand out to the other patients. Kiley made the holiday very enjoyable for her patient as well as spread the positivity throughout the entire unit. She always puts a lot of effort into working with her patients and it really makes a huge difference.”

Thomas Zink – IS, ASB

“Tom is a true team player. During the recent COVID-19 crisis, Tom stepped up to the challenge of delivering essential dashboard reports for Kettering Health Network leadership to support the Incident Command Center. He worked tirelessly with several departments and teams gathering their data requirements with impressive attention to detail, in order to build near real-time reporting dashboards for supply chain inventory, lab, and respiratory asset tracking. His great attitude and collaborative nature has given our team a greater depth of knowledge and understanding.”

Lauren Payne – Respiratory Services, GMH

“Lauren volunteered to go to Soin and help them out on night shift for 5 weeks as we were down two night shift therapists. This helped to serve critical patient needs at Soin and helped our team as we adjusted our own schedule. She knows a lot, and is very on top of things. She is my lead weekend therapist as she normally works every weekend. I know that I do not have to worry about weekends with her here.”

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May 8, 2020