IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Offers Identity Theft and Recovery Help
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IMPACT Employee Assistance Program Offers Identity Theft and Recovery Help

The holiday season is prime time for identity theft, according to fraud experts. Make sure you monitor your spending during this time and check for signs of fraud.

Identity theft harms its victims on many levels in addition to financial problems, including emotional stress, damaged credit and reputation, and the time required to prove the crime as well as on’es innocence. On average, identity theft costs its victims 60 hours and $1,000 to recover their identity and credit record.

Taking common sense, preventive measures can help you avoid identity theft. Kettering Health Network’s IMPACT Employee Assistance Program also provides a free Identity Theft Protection and Recovery program, with the following services available:

  • Free identity monitoring and theft resolution services
  • Phone consultation with identity theft prevention and recovery specialists
  • Email alerts regarding important changes to credit accounts
  • Access to your credit score

To speak with an identity theft prevention and recovery specialist call IMPACT at 800-227-6007. You can also visit the IMPACT Employee Assistance Program page under the HR tab of the intranet or go directly to IMPACT’s website by clicking here and entering “khn” under “Member Log-in.”

December 18, 2015

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