Inpatient Rehab Admission Update

As COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations continue to evolve, Kettering Health Network Inpatient Rehab has updated their admission requirements as indicated below: 

Patients with a history of COVID-19: Network Inpatient Rehab admissions for patients with a history of COVID-19 will defer to the Incident Command protocol as outlined in the email sent on 9/21/20 based on CDC guidelines.  Patients admitted to Inpatient Rehab will need to be 10 days (mild/moderate disease) or 20 days (severe disease requiring intubation or severely immunocompromised) post the start of symptoms or initial test (if asymptomatic) prior to admission. 

Patients without a history of COVID-19: Patients admitted to an Inpatient Rehab unit will require a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of admission to Inpatient Rehab.  This requirement for was established 5/18/20 and remains in effect. 

September 28, 2020