Introducing: Kettering Health
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Introducing: Kettering Health

Kettering Health Network is now Kettering Health. We’re updating our name, logo, and colors to ensure our brand reflects the high-quality, faith-based care displayed across the network every day.

As we move forward, we will honor the past and honor the dream of the Kettering family as we live out of mission each day.

A legacy of care

During the polio epidemic of the 1950s, Eugene and Virginia Kettering had a front-row seat to the incredible faith-based care on display at Chicago’s Hinsdale Adventist Hospital. It was then that they had a vision—a vision to bring that same kind of health care to Kettering, Ohio.

Their dream became a reality. Since our founding, we’ve grown in ways we never thought possible—adding new services, opening new facilities, and reaching new people.

We’ve also braved challenges we never thought possible—the shifting sands of health care legislation, the rise of the digital age, and, most notably, the pandemic of our generation.

Through it all, your focus on combining Christ-centered care with exceptional medicine to bring health, healing, and hope to every person we serve remained steadfast—a legacy we will uphold as our organization embarks on this new journey.

We are stronger together, and it’s time to unite under a brand that reflects our shared mission, vision, and values, and provides more clarity for our community.

How we got here

A combination of research and dedicated focus groups informed this shift. In studying whether a name change would receive a positive or negative reaction, the results were clear across the board.

The Kettering name is an established, trusted pillar of our community. By uniting under this new system brand, every facility in our organization will benefit.

The focus groups we created in December 2019 consisted of leaders, physicians, and most importantly, our frontline staff. We heard from team members across the organization, from Hamilton to Troy and everywhere in between.

At every stop, certain key themes resounded. You are proud of where you work and feel tied to our faith-based mission. You know your job allows you to make a positive impact on our community and provide great care to our patients.

You also shared opportunities we can build on for the future—including having a unified identity that brings us all together: every employee, provider, facility, and service.

The feedback from our larger community reflected many of the sentiments shared by our employee family. It is clear that our community trusts us, and our faith-based mission differentiates us. Multiple community surveys prove that people who know us are very likely to be loyal to us.

However, mirroring the internal feedback, with an organization as large and complex as ours, consumers also say it is easy to get overwhelmed finding the care they need, and their care experience often differs from location to location.

What’s most concerning is that many people may not even realize they live near, drive by, or receive care in a Kettering Health facility. Though a trusted health care organization, we aren’t able to take advantage of this reputation if our community doesn’t easily recognize us.

In 2020, we compiled a list of local hospitals and asked consumers to choose which are a part of Kettering Health. The results indicated that, on average, less than three of 10 people could correctly identify our Dayton-based facilities as part of our organization. The connection to Kettering Health drops even more when looking further out of our core service area.

Our next steps are clear. To maximize the strong reputation the Kettering Health name has established throughout our history, we must make it easier for consumers to know who we are and where we’re located.

To learn more about our new brand, click here to visit our brand hub.

May 17, 2021