January Employee of the Month is Larrena Varney
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January Employee of the Month is Larrena Varney

Larrena Varney , Emergency, Soin

Larrena Varney was caring for a patient with stroke-like symptoms. The elderly patient seemed upset and began crying. She told Larrena that she always wore rings and necklaces, but did not have her jewelry with her. When Larrena went to give the patient her own necklace, she realized she hadn’t worn one that day. Larrena went to the gift shop to find jewelry for the woman. The gift shop was closed but an employee was still inside. So, Larrena asked if she could buy something for a patient. The gift shop employee let Larrena let in and she found a Christmas star necklace that she purchased for the patient.

Larrena’s thoughtfulness helped to calm the patient and make her feel cared for personally.


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Each Employee of the Month is honored through:

  • Prime parking privileges
  • Lunch with the hospital president
  • A gift basket
  • Tickets to a Dayton Dragons Baseball Game
  • Entry in annual drawing for trip to Walt Disney World
February 12, 2014