January Employee of the Month is Ruth Goehkle
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January Employee of the Month is Ruth Goehkle

Ruth Goehkle, Laboratory, Greene Memorial

Ruth Goehkle was working in the laboratory when a doctor came in with some concerns about a patient. The doctor asked Ruth to examine a slide with her and look for abnormalities. After viewing the slide, Ruth told the doctor the cells looked unusual to her, and suggested further testing of the patient.

The doctor returned several days later, telling Ruth that after further testing, her suspicion that the cells were unusual was correct.

By taking extra time to discuss patient health, Ruth demonstrated her dedication to the care of both doctors and patients at the hospital.




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Each Employee of the Month is honored through:

  • Prime parking privileges
  • Lunch with the hospital president
  • A gift basket
  • Tickets to a Dayton Dragons Baseball Game
  • Entry in annual drawing for trip to Walt Disney World
February 12, 2014