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Kettering Cancer Care at Soin Adds Radiation Oncology

Phase two of the expansion of Kettering Cancer Care at Soin Medical Center is nearly complete. This phase adds radiation oncology to the services offered at Soin, in addition to its recently expanded infusion center, Kettering Breast Evaluation Center, and specialty outpatient pharmacy dedicated to cancer medications.

The radiation therapy center will include a state-of-the-art linear accelerator, CT scan and simulation lab, dosimetry lab, and four exam rooms. The radiation oncology suites at Soin will offer a range of radiation therapy options, providing precise and accurate treatment for a wide range of cancers that can be customized to the needs of each patient.

In the past, cancer patients at Soin have faced the challenge of traveling elsewhere for radiation therapy. With radiation oncology services available on site, patients will not have to face delays in their treatment or travel to a different facility to receive the care they need. The expansion of Kettering Cancer Care services at Soin is making advanced cancer care more acccessible to residents of northern and eastern Dayton.

Join us for an open house on May 9 from 5:30-7 p.m., where you can tour the new expansion.

April 24, 2018