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Kettering Cancer Care Offering New SpaceOAR Technology

Kettering Cancer Care is offering a new technology that can make prostate cancer treatment even safer: SpaceOAR.  

SpaceOAR™ Hydrogel is a dissolvable gel inserted during a minimally invasive procedure that creates a temporary space between the prostate and the rectum. This helps doctors better target the cancer while preventing injury to healthy rectal tissue. SpaceOAR will help patients maintain their quality of life during and after prostate cancer treatment.  

“Offering SpaceOAR™ technology here at Kettering is another powerful way that we can make it easier for our patients to reach for their cure,” said E. Ronald Hale, MD, MPH. “SpaceOAR is just one important part of our comprehensive men’s health program at Kettering that includes a multidisciplinary prostate cancer clinic, robotic surgery, advanced imaging with PET/CT, and incredibly precise radiation treatments.” 

March 10, 2021

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