Letter from the President: December 2018

Constant change! It’s everywhere. Worded differently, what are the change constants—that principle or vision we work toward? For Kettering Medical Center and Kettering Health Network, our vision and work is to change lives where we are. Thanks to each of you who collaborate through change and raise our organization on the path of service to those our Creator entrusts to us. The past two months have been busy!

I want to call out several accomplishments at Kettering College. First, they have created very effective programs to support and nurture our students spiritually. These include weekly prayer groups and weekend dinners called “The Collective.” They have even updated their online instruction manuals to help faculty provide a spiritual dimension in their teaching. Work like this occurs throughout our organization every day. Remembering our sacred calling creates space around the duties we perform and the purpose of our work.

We have been actively recruiting and onboarding great new team members. Take time to become acquainted and friends with our new folks. Scientific studies show the value of having a close or best friend at work—it makes our lives much fuller and more enjoyable. It makes our work experience better, too.

I want to thank our Cardiac/Med Surg Division staff who demonstrated their commitment to making this community better when they donated food, mouthwash, hair conditioner, and deodorant to the Good Neighbor House. This is truly a way to extend the fingertips of our Creator.

Unit by unit, we are continuing our training for safe use of our SHIELD lift equipment. Our success in this vital program is being measured by improvements in safety—your safety—as we work to eliminate all lifting injuries. Big thanks to 2W and 2S for their participation in these training sessions over the past few weeks. I know others are “on it” and are also looking forward to their training.

Many are aware of Deanette Sisson’s leaving Kettering Medical Center. Deanette’s influence on our organization has been significant and enduring, and she will be missed.

I am pleased to share the appointment of Julie Vincent, DNP, MSN, MBA, as Kettering Medical Center’s chief nursing officer. In this role, she will work with our exceptional team of nursing clinicians and others to create and implement strategies that will guide Kettering Medical Center into the future. Julie will retain her role as Kettering Health Network CNO. Under the direction of Walter Sackett, president of Sycamore Medical Center, the search for Julie’s replacement at Sycamore Medical Center is already underway.





Terry Burns
Kettering Medical Center


December 20, 2018

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