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Letter from the President: February 2018

Dear Kettering Family,

Wow! It’s been three months since my appointment as President of Kettering Medical Center System. It is truly a privilege to have the opportunity to work with our wonderful team in this new role. In my 13th year with Kettering Health Network, I’ve found that the same things still matter–our mission and our team! If we focus on our mission and strive to support each other, there is nothing–no market challenge, no flu epidemic, no disaster–that can stop us.

Our mission and our team are our competitive edge. Our team includes over 6,700 employees within Kettering Medical Center, Sycamore Medical Center, Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center, Senior Division, and Kettering College. We also partner with over 1,000 physicians and advanced practice providers. I’m honored to serve with you!

My goal in this newsletter is to share items of interest to you, including strategic initiatives we’re working on. With a shared vision of what we want to accomplish in service to our community, we will be successful.

In this issue, we’re sharing the feedback you shared in our last employee survey—nuggets of gold for our organization’s success in the future. We’ll share awards and employee and medical staff recognitions. If you have ideas or items you would like to see included, please let me know.

Combined, our family is a lot like a small city. But we are more than workers who simply show up each day. We are neighbors and friends who, together, change lives. Take time to know, listen, engage, support, and encourage all your co-workers. We want Kettering Medical Center System, and our entire network, to be known for its ind and compassionate family. As we care for ourselves, we’ll be able to better care for those our Creator entrusts to us. Together, we’re doing incredible work in a fabulous community.

Keep our team in your thoughts and prayers. You are in mine.

Terry Burns
Kettering Medical Center

February 16, 2018