Greene, Soin

Listening to the Voice of Our Patients

The following is an excerpt from a letter from a patient’s family member:

“During the month of August and into early September, my wife was a patient at Soin Medical Center. She was seen by the Emergency Department on four different occasions and admitted on three of these occasions. I want to say thank you from me and my family for the care that my wife received from the entire staff at Soin.

Let me start with the Emergency Department and the doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and staff. I cannot recall all the names, but everyone we had helping us made us feel they were personally involved. We were aware that we were not the most critical patients; however, we were always treated as if we were very important. 

The third and fourth floor inpatient staff cared for my wife with such compassion. I regret I cannot recall all the wonderful people who took care of her and comforted us during a very difficult time. These are the special staff member we remember: Tammy Billingsley, Cameron Confer, Megan Smith, Danielle Greene, Catherine Jackson, Michelle Parsons, Corinne Porter, Scott Elam, and Haley. 

I have to reserve a special thank you to Dr. Jevede Harris, the hospitalist during our final stay. His care and advice was beyond our expectations. As my son and I went through the difficult decision of palliative care for my wife, Dr. Harris was a caring, helpful, and considerate physician. Upon making the decision to move my wife to hospice, Dr. Harris and Soin’s staff immediately, carefully, and compassionately prepared her for the move. 

Please pass along our thanks to everyone.”

March 12, 2018