March is National Social Worker Month

This month, we are recognizing our social workers at Sycamore. We have a great team of social workers with master’s degrees, certifications, and other specialties to help our patients and families! Thanks for all that you do!

 Angie Lugo, MSW, ACM-certified

 Jenny Barton, MSW, LAW, ACM-certified

 Lori Nielsen-Andrews, MSW, LSW, ACM-certified

 Kathy Enright, MSW, LISW, ACM-certified

 Sallie Kemper, LSW, Notary

 Pat Edwards, LSW, ACM-certified

 Jocelyn Skeans, MSW, LSW, Notary

 Katherine Pyron, LISW-S, NASW member, Anti-oppression Informed Practitioner-certified

 Kelsey Yerian, MSW, LSW, Dependency Counsel Assistant-certified

 Gina Critiano, MSW, LISW-S, Notary, NASW member, Hospice and Palliative Care-certified


March 7, 2019