Masking Update for Auglaize, Greene, Butler, Miami, and Clark Counties

Several weeks ago, we implemented guidelines that allowed for no masking in our healthcare facilities in non-patient or non-guest-facing departments as long as the transmission level was yellow (moderate) or blue (low).

Please note the status changes to the following counties: Auglaize County rose from yellow to red (high); Green County rose from orange (substantial) to red (high); Butler County rose from orange (substantial) to red (high); and Miami County rose from orange (substantial) to red (high). Clark County rose from yellow (moderate) to orange (substantial).

Because of the higher levels of transmission of COVID-19, healthcare facilities located in the following counties must mask at all times:

  • Auglaize County
  • Butler County
  • Clark County
  • Greene County
  • Miami County
  • Montgomery County
  • Warren County

Please note that this applies healthcare facilities. This guidance doesn’t currently apply to administrative facilities, such as Prestige, Woodman, ASV, etc.

May 17, 2022