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Medical Center Names Changing December 12

This past May, a new chapter was announced in the history of this organization, officially becoming Kettering Health. Along with this change at the network level, it was shared that several facility-level name changes would be official in the coming months.

On December 12, all medical centers will officially move to their new names. Here is a summary of the changes that will be taking place:

  • Kettering Health Main Campus (formerly Kettering Medical Center)
  • Kettering Health Miamisburg (formerly Sycamore Medical Center)
  • Kettering Health Troy (formerly Troy Hospital)
  • Kettering Health Franklin*
  • Kettering Health Piqua (formerly Kettering Health Network Piqua)
  • Kettering Health Middletown (formerly Kettering Health Network Middletown)
  • Kettering Health Behavioral Medical Center (formerly Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center)
  • Kettering Health Dayton (formerly Grandview Medical Center)
  • Kettering Health Washington Township (formerly Southview Medical Center)
  • Kettering Health Huber (formerly Charles H. Huber Health Center)
  • Kettering Health Preble (formerly Preble County Medical Center)
  • Kettering Health Hamilton (formerly Fort Hamilton Hospital)
  • Kettering Health Greene Memorial (formerly Greene Memorial Hospital)

*Based on the recent expansion announcement, the Franklin location now meets the qualifications to be considered a medical center. Please also note that there is no name change to Soin Medical Center at this time.

This identity shift is key to helping consumers easily identify and access care across Kettering Health, while also reinforcing the importance of operational consistency while working together throughout our system.

As a reminder, it is very important to avoid using the new names until they become official on December 12. In early 2022, the second and final phase of this project will take place: moving Kettering Physician Network to Kettering Health Medical Group. This shift will continue throughout the year, so stay tuned for more information as the organization solidifies the timing around this change.


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November 29, 2021