Microsoft Teams Training Available
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Microsoft Teams Training Available

Technology has become even more essential as we continue responding to COVID-19, and Microsoft Teams quickly became a valuable tool across our organization. Recently, Microsoft released new features within the Teams application, and they are now offering a series of training courses for Kettering Health Network employees. There will be nine total sessions available with three different courses to choose from.

To learn more about the courses, check out the descriptions below.

Microsoft Teams 100 – Meetings and Chat

This course will demonstrate how to communicate, collaborate, and share files in Teams. Attendees will learn Teams Chat features, how to schedule and join a Teams meeting, and what tools can be used to increase engagement during a Teams meeting.

Microsoft Teams 200 – Collaboration, Channels and Tabs

This course will provide an overview of the Teams platform and demonstrate how to create an organized team that is easy to navigate. Attendees will learn how to create a team, how a team is structured, and how to effectively communicate and collaborate inside of a team. A Microsoft instructor will also discuss applications that can be used in Teams to increase productivity and help with organization.

Microsoft Teams 300 – Advanced Settings & Features

This course will cover settings of the overall Teams program and dive deeper into Teams management. A Microsoft instructor will demonstrate advanced features of the program, how to manage settings in Teams, and review general use of activities, file management, and search.

See the dates and times below for which session to attend.

October 211-3 p.m.Session 1
October 289-11 a.m.Session 2
October 281-3 p.m.Session 3
November 41-3 p.m.Session 1
November 111-3 p.m.Session 2
November 181-3 p.m.Session 3
December 29-11 a.m.Session 1
December 91-3 p.m.Session 2
December 161-3 p.m.Session 3

Click here to join any of the sessions. Calendar invites will not be shared, so attendees should add the dates to their own calendars.

Questions? Contact iSupport at (937) 384-4500 or ext. 44500.

October 20, 2020

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