Mobile Care Transport of Suspected and Confirmed COVID-19 Patients

Mobile Care has updated its procedures for clinical transport abilities specifically related to suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19. The changes outlined below are effective immediately.  

Patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 can no longer be transported in BiPAP or CPAP.  

If a patient presents with hypoxia, they can be provided supplement oxygen via nasal cannula, simple face mask, or nonrebreather mask during transport as an alternative to BiPAP or CPAP. If the patient is likely to be intubated, the intubation should be performed in the hospital with proper PPE by the physician and then will be transported on a transport ventilator.  

If the patient inadvertently requires advanced airway protection during transport, all Mobile Care ambulances and MICUs are stocked with a King Airway, CombiTube, or airway control, which can be inserted until the receiving facility is reached.  

Nebulized treatments will no longer be performed for any patient with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.  

Mobile Care ALS units and MICUs will administer epinephrine and/or magnesium per standing orders to these patients.  

Questions regarding these changes or Mobile Care capabilities on COVID-19 patients can be directed to Dereck Pristas, president of Mobile Care, or Dr. Marni Teramana, medical director of Mobile Care. 

March 28, 2020